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Ernie the swimming Pug

Pug Ernie In at the Deep End

This pug really likes his swimming pool.  The crystal clear water enticing him to  jump in and swim.  Ernie’s off in the pool, swimming doggie style  ( what else !) ; then he swims up to the steps and gets out of the pool.  And would you believe it – he dives in again.

After a wonderful dive back into the pool  he is back to his favorite activity again.

Like many dogs  ( but not so many Pugs );  Pug Ernie loves swimming and looks as if he could do this all day.  After all it is good exercise and definitely saves his owner walking the dog on those hot summer days.

This video of Pug Ernie loves swimming swimming is quite a treat and really makes me want to jump into the pool as well .  The dive he performs really looks like a proper dive.  I can already see the Judges holding up their cards ! We could have a pug in the Olympics diving for a Gold Medal.

Ernie Dives in…