Pug Owners Tips & Tricks

Cleaning & Grooming

It is a fact that Pugs shed – a lot. Fortunately Pugs loved to be brushed .  Fawn Pugs have a thicker double coat and shed a great deal.  Black Pugs are also prone to shedding but their coat is thinner.  Both types love to be brushed.  It is recommended to do this outdoors or have a special mat for grooming.

Whilst most Pugs are not Olympic swimmers they do like being washed and if you get them used to water at a young age they will love having baths.  Be careful to use a dog friendly shampoo and make sure his eyes are sheilded.  Clean the folds on their face carefully with a flannel and also their ears.   Cotton buds are not recommended for this since they could injure the Pug. It is also very important to dry them thoroughly  – particularly if it is cold outside the bathroom. ( More on grooming etc… )

Empty/Express Anal Glands


Pugs are relatively low maintenance dogs and can live happily  in apartments.  However they will gain excess wait it they don’t get sufficient exercise and we recommend at least 1 and possibly 2 short walks each day.  ( More on exercise ..)

Feeding & Drinking

The Golden rule is never over feed Pugs.  They will naturally always try to entice more food from you and will eat and eat and eat.   It is very distressing to see overweight Pugs .  This is extremely dangerous for their health and will shorten their lives.  If you give them dry dog food it is advisable to mix this with some water.  Also mixing with some wet dog food can make meals more interesting.   Always ensure that they have access to plenty of fresh drinking water .  For more details on feeding your Pug…

Pug puppies should have special puppy food whilst they are being weened.

Pug Training

It is quite possible to train a Pug and teach him  obedience , toilet training and even some tricks. We recommend starting by enrolling your Pug in a Puppy Training Class.  This way he/she will socialise with other puppies and learn to get along with them.  If you are starting from scratch and don’t know much about dog training we recommend this comprehensive dog training course.

Relaxing Music For Dogs

Many Pugs like to watch TV and the appearance of other animals on the TV is often the cue for considerable excitement.  You may care to try this special ” Dog Music ” which hopefully will have the opposite effect and relax your Pug.