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Mini Cooper Pug does his thing and it is wonderous

Mini Cooper – the sporty Black Pug Puppy

When we think of the Mini Cooper we have visions  of the souped up little Mini sports car.  Its clean lines , fast acceleration, speed and manouverability .  A timeless Classic , coveted by many .  Yet these words also can describe little Cooper – the Pug .  A cute and cuddly little black puppy .

It is not widely known that in days gone by  pug owners would often discard the black puppies which were regarded as unwanted and inferior.  However having had 3 black pugs I can honestly say that they have vitality,  grace and charm not always found in their fawn counterparts.  Black pugs are really special and little Cooper is a fine ambassador.

This video gives you an insight into the qualities and the sheer joy that this little black pug brings to the fore.  Take a moment to enjoy  the wonder that is Mini Cooper …

“This is Cooper. He knows how to enjoy life. Just watching him live it out in the moment is a great reminder of how living in the “NOW” is so very important to our happiness. Of course, the cuteness of Cooper and the beautiful background music does help convey the message..  And the beautiful humans seem to have taken great care of him too! Reminds me of how pugs truly are a great breed! “


With thanks to Paw Buzz