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Pug Bathtime Lick

Once upon a time there were 3 little Puggies

Check out the Video below for a mum’s eye view of the pug puppies cleaning session.  This beautifully narrated video focuses on three adorable  little pugs .  Freddy,  Suzie and Ivan.  Pugs are excellent mothers and they carefully clean their puppies by licking them.

As well as cleaning the puppies this  helps the mother bond with them.  Mum also is the supplier of food and drink and will be in great demand in the coming weeks .  The father is kept away from very young puppies but gradually mum allows him to take a share in the paternal duties which involves more licking and generally rounding them up!   The mother pug’s maternal instincts are extremely strong and she will be on hand night and day to let the pups have milk.   There is  a mad struggle for a free nipple and the little pugs will hang on for dear life to get the milk.

After mealtimes it is back to washing and she will give them all a good licking all over . Pugs generally are excellent mothers and have even been know to be surrogate mothers to other animals including  tiger cubs .


Watch the video below and share these wonderful moments …


“I don’t know if I’ve seen anything cuter & more lovely than this mama pug giving her newborn pug puppies (two boys and a girl) a nice bath! The biggest and the eldest of them all is Freddy who led the way into the world. Then came his sister Suzie. And finally there was Ivan, the littlest of the three.

Watch as Ivan tries to run and hide to skip bathtime! LOL!!”

Thank you to Paw Buzz


Where is the Milk Bar?
Where is the Milk Bar?