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Bacons Diary – The Early Days

Bacon for breakfast

Once upon a time my mother Gemma ( a Fawn Pug with attitude ) was rescued from a Spanish pet shop and subsequently met my dad , Gremlin,  a cockney black Pug from London .  They then went on a vacation to Mallorca (last summer) and despite being little more than pupplies themselves ; love blossomed!  The story begins in September 2014 at breakfast time when I was born.

I spent the first few months of my life with my brothers and sisters. They tell me that although I was the smallest in the litter I was the first to open an eye! Well just one eye,  so I spent a week or so as a Cyclops. ( I do have the physique of a Greek God ).  It was nice being in Mallorca since the winters there are mild and when I was old enough we went for walks, or rather runs on the beach.

All I can remember from the early days is constantly fighting for milk. Although mum had 8 nipples and a good supply of milk she used to lay on one side which meant that only 4 nipples were readily available. Tough for 6 hungry pups ! Being the smallest I was always at the back of the queue. But this had some advantages too, since the nice people who looked after us all often helped me to get special access to mum – a sort of VIP pass.

My eldest brother Tristan was the first to go and went to a nice English family in Mallorca. The my sister Morgan ( the good looking one ) travelled to the UK via Brussels and now lives in Worcestershire . Like the Lady of the Manor. Next to leave were Cloe , my other sister, and brothers Tommy and Teddy who drove back to Norway . They have now found nice humans to live with in Norway.

And that leaves me. I am so adorable my mum and dad could not live without me and so I flew back to Norway to live with them.  It is lovely with all the trees and fjords but can be a bit chilly . And my parents ?  They are so lucky to have me around !? Hope you like the pics..


Bacon the pug
Dad on Vacation
Bacon the pug
I love my brothers and sisters
Bacon the pug
Brrr its cold here!
Bacon the pug
Bacons family
Bacon the pug
Bacon Relaxing

Our first Pug litter

Bacon the Pug