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Brandy the Pug tries Snowboarding

Brandy Pug Snowboarding

Brandy the pug really likes to snowboard and with the camera attached you get a really good view of his snow boarding efforts.   He walks eagerly up to his snowboard and we are off !  His little legs do not seem to impede his ability to get to the board. 

The on board camera at the front is showing how much he is enjoying snowboarding ; while the camera on Brandy Pug’s back showing his perspective of the adventure.  What a perfect day ! The skies are a beautiful blue and the snow is clean and white- all contributing to the superb experience of Brandy’s ride.

Brandy Pug then gets on the snowboard for another run.  He is loving it and you can even see his legs moving to control the board and balance.  What a pro. 

Then it is into the woods where you see Brandy Pug as he walks effortlessly through the snow in the woods towards his next adventure , eagerly looking for his next ride. 

Could you do better? Take a moment to see Brandy do his thing in the snow.