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ZZZZZ Caution Pugs Sleeping and Snoring

Sssh ! What is that noise?

Is it the dishwasher, perhaps a car in the drive , the TV ? No it sounds more like SNORING . Pugs spend nearly 2/3 of their lives asleep.  It is one of their favourite activities or should I say non- activities.

They can often by at their cutest when sleeping, but this is by no means a quiet activity.

Even young Pug Puppies can snore ( sometimes while they are awake – see the video below ) and older Pugs turn snoring to an art form.  Strangely enough many humans find this curiously therapeutic …and find it difficult to sleep without the conforting “Gizmo like” noises and grunts of their furry little friends.  Watch them really closely and you may even catch them dreaming ….

A grumble of pugs sharing the same bed and creating a snoring pile of pugs! Can’t get any cuter than this! Watch these adorable pugs enjoy their afternoon nap on the next page.. there’s nothing like pugs snoring to make you smile! :)


Could you sleep with these guys close by ? Find Out Now…

With thanks to Paw Buzz


Want to see some more – Take a minute to Listen to this Pug Puppy ( aka Darth Vader ) snore!