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Bone drives Pug Puppy Crazy


Is that a Bone I see before Me?

Pug puppies are great fun .  It is not unual to get 6 puppies in a litter and when they are all together prepare yourself for a real treat .  You can watch their antics for hours and never tire of them.

If you are a baby Pug it is a very big and very new world.  Everything has to be checked out and explored.  This is especially true of  dog toys, treats and anything related to food.  Although this little fellow may be too young for a big bone he still finds it irresistibly fascinating yet strangely daunting.  His teeth have yet to develop properly but he knows it is not only an object of desire and excitement,  but a certain amount of trepidation .     Check out this delightful video from Julie E H.  New Jersey.  Perhaps you feel like her and just tolerate people but LOVE animals!

Puppies learning the world is always fun to watch but this video is more fun than most. Watch as a Pug pup meets his first bone and gets so excited, he just can’t contain his excited energy. Try watching this and not smile…I dare you! 😉


Julie E. H.

With thanks to Julie