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A Christmas Story About A Pug

Hola Gemma!

I came across this Video the other day and it reminded me of our Pug called Gemma.

In Spain they still sell puppies in pet shops and poor little Gemma had been in the glass box on display for many months. Her legs were withered due to lack of exercise and she could hardly walk. They intimated in the Pet Shop that if she was not sold in the next week ( Christmas was just 10 days away ) then she would have to be put down.

My wife took pity on her and purchased little Gemma there and then. Christmas was spent in Spain and a program of recuperation was organised in conjunction with the local Vets. We also introduced Gemma to Gremlin ( a fit black Pug of the same age ). He could not understand why she was unable to walk properly or play with him .

However slowly but surely she did recover and some time later she and Gremlin started a family ; ( That was a suprise ! )   and she had 6 beautiful baby Pugs!


Gemma as a Puppy




Gemma and Gremlins Puppies

Pug Puppies


Gemma The Mom


In case you were wondering here is Dad – “El Gremlino”

Bacon the pug
Dad on Vacation


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