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Pugs not Drugs

Pugs not drugs

Pugs not Drugs , The Painting

” I got the idea for the Pugs not Drugs theme from T shirt motifs . My boyfriend had purchased on of these T shirts and thought it was pretty cool .  I  love painting and decided to paint my very own Pugs not Drugs picture.  Having my own Pugs it was easy to find inspiration all around me and my Pugs –  Mya and Gizmo oversaw the entire project!

The actual painting only took a few hours and although I am no Van Gogh,  to my surprise everyone liked it .  I intend to paint some more Pug not Drugs paintings and will experiment with different  colours . My friends have even suggested that I sell them but I have not got around to that yet.  At the moment Pugs not Drugs has pride of place on my bedroom wall.

I would like to paint more on the Pug theme and would welcome any suggestions you may have  – just send me a message !

You never know your idea may be the subject of the next Pug Painting and appear on this site.

Jasmine  The Pug Channel

PS. Available NOW Pugs not Drugs for Your Pug

Or for Humans!
Pugs not Drugs