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Baby Puppy v French Bulldog

Puppy Love

Delightful video with a Frenchie  and a baby Pug who is after the bone.  The French Bulldog is a bigger dog than a Pug and in this case much bigger.  They are one of the most popular breeds  and make excellent pets.  They are sharing a basket and the Puppy is really curious what  is going on .  Here  Jo the Frenchie is trying to knaw on  his bone despite the attentions of little Lola.   Jo has a formidable set of teeth but aggression is  the last thing on his mind.  The interaction between little and large is both charming and fascinating.


Watch the video below to see if Lola manages to get  the bone…



You know how siblings often act towards each other? The older sibling feeling annoyed by the little one saying, “cmon man, back off…” That’s exactly how it seems to be with the tiny little pug puppy, Lola and the French Bulldog, Joe. Little Lola takes on Joe for a Nylabone in this video and it’s absolutely cute and funny!


Many thanks to Pawbuzz