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Pug loves pacifiers

Pug loves pacifiers and crawls along the floor with pacifier in his mouth

Pug loves pacifiers in this is a very short video about a pug entering the room with a pacifier in his mouth. A short but sweet video, but still well worth watching.

This pug really loves pacifiers and appears entering the room by pulling himself along the carpeted floor on his stomach by his front legs and pushing with his back legs.  The green pacifier or “dummy” is clearly visible as he holds it tightly in his mouth. This does rather resemble a baby learning to crawl, which is probably why it is such an adorable video to watch.  After all humor is based on reality

Although this pug loves his pacifier, about half way through the video he manages to accidentally dislodge the pacifier from his mouth by catching the bottom of it as he is pulling himself along the carpet.  At this point he stops, and licks the pacifier before adeptly manoeuvring it back into his mouth using his extremely flexible tongue. He immediately continues his pursuit of conveying himself across the room in his previous manner of dragging his stomach across the carpeted floor in front of the sofa.

When he reaches the end of the sofa he decides that his legs might be a better form of transportation, so he stands up on his rear legs making sure his mouth containing the pacifier is firmly on the ground ensuring the continued grip on the pacifier; then pushes his snout on the carpet making sure it is fully in before bringing his body up via his front legs. This unfortunately is where the video ends as he turns towards us and off the screen.  

I only wish we could see more !

Pugs are such playful dogs and this video gives a short glimpse of how wonderfully playful pug are. They give people great enjoyment watching them ….