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This pug loves bananas

This is a wonderful video showing how much this pug loves bananas.

This pug loves bananas. The way this pug eats his banana sometimes looks as though he is sucking it. The video starts off with about half a banana and the pug avidly eating the banana, which someone is holding for it.  The banana skin has been carefully peeled so as to be kept back enabling the pug to easily eat this banana.  The sound of the pug eating the banana and licking it is also quite amusing.

This pug is really enthusiastic about eating his banana, which made easier by someone holding it.  As the Pug gets further down the length of the banana it starts to lick more than bite.  This shows the pink tongue clearly moving from underneath the banana to the middle before moving its mouth over the banana to take another bite.  It is certainly not going to miss out on any of the taste savouring every last lick and bite.  

Bananas are a good source of minerals and vitamins as they contain both water and fat soluble vitamins Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin B-6.  They also contain minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium.  All in all a good source of Vitamins and minerals to keep your dog healthy.  It is wonderful when you can receive so much pleasure from watching the comical eating of a banana along with the health benefit to mans’ best friend “The Pug” and this pug loves bananas.

Does your dog love bananas?