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Some Animals Hate Bathtime But Some Don’t!

 Down Under Pug Gets That Sinking Feeling

Whilst Pugs are generally not great swimmers or lovers of water.

Almost all of them love bathtime and being washed. They will actively try to jump into the bath with you . The only time they are happier than when they are actually in the water is immediately afterwards .  A quick towel down and then they will run around like a pug possessed. A mad 5 minutes follows where they will run around the whole house at breakneck speed.

In the summer heat in Australia Barry needs little encouragement to take the plunge!

“Barry the pug is here to wash away the belief that dogs don’t like baths. A heatwave in Australia prompted Barry’s owner to upload an old video of the pug keeping cool in a bath”

See Barry in action ; Watch this video and enjoy….


With Thanks to Brian Koerber & Barry the Pug